Thursday, July 26, 2012

Facing my fears...

On Tuesday, I had the honour of being one of three guest speakers at the University of Sydney for a National Breast Cancer Foundation research update.

From left: Lydia Nicholson (NBCF Sports Fundraising Program Manager), me, Sue Cameron (National Manager NBCF Outreach Bureau)

From left: Dr Belinda Thewes (Researcher, University of Sydney), me, Dr Alison Butt (Director of Research Investment, NBCF)

NBCF's National Research Roadshows bring the latest news in breast cancer research from NBCF-funded researchers and breast cancer survivors. These events give a 'behind the scenes' glimpse into breast cancer research.
Dr Belinda Thewes is the researcher who was invited by NBCF to discuss her world-first study into a psychological phenomenon, known as 'fear of cancer recurrence'. Over 70% of young women, living with a past diagnosis of breast cancer live in fear of it returning, creating significant stress and anxiety. 

I can certainly vouch for that...I live with this fear every day.  Although I have found some strategies to help me get past the fear daily, I do feel encouraged that there is research being done to help, so that I'm not alone in this. If you're a cancer survivor reading this and you're experiencing fear and anxiety, chin up, you're not alone. This research shows that even though our treatment may be mostly over, and we may even look like our "pre-cancer selves" again, but our trauma is not forgotten by some :) The NBCF has our back!

You can find out more about the roadshow on my NBCF Fundraising page.

It would also be great if you could support the amazing research efforts of the National Breast Cancer Foundation by making a donation on my Everyday Hero/City2Surf fundraising page. My current tally stands at $16,252, a little short of my $20,000 target. But a very wise person once said, "never ever give up", so I'm not!

City2Surf is only a few weeks away, so I may not post again until afterwards...I look forward to reporting back how I go :)

Would love to know if any of you awesome blog readers are doing the City2Surf for a charity?

P.S. Did you notice the yummy mini cupcakes in the top photo? Lovely Sue Cameron couldn't resist pointing them out to me and telling everyone about my "Life's like a Cupcake" blog! Unfortunately, I can't tell you how they tasted as I didn't have one...I'm in training for the City2Surf remember?!

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