Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Back to reality...

Seed pods magically floating through the Paris air like snow

Goodbye Paris, hello reality!

Why is it always so hard coming back from holidays?

Departing was such sweet sorrow...

To come home from a city as magnificent as Paris was not tinged with "sorrow" because I was coming home, because I love home...that was the "sweet" part. The "sorrow" part was that I had to leave the most beautiful place I've seen on this amazing planet so far!

How I miss the historical buildings, world-renowned galleries, fashionably bourgeois locals, romantic language and the oh-so mouth-watering pastries. They were so enticing that I soon forgot about my cupcake obsession, and it became all about the French pastries...ooh-la-la!

How I wish I was not so restrained with my pastry consumption...I could have just started the healthy eating again when I got home. How much damage could I have possibly done with only 9 days of pastry eating?! Surely not too much since I also walked a marathon in the middle of all that eating.

Anyway, it seems that I'm just going to have to get back to that city I've fallen head over heels in love with one day. Not just for the tantalising pastries, but just so that I can "be" in Paris.

To just "be"...sit and watch the city go by; stroll through the parks at a leisurely pace; stand and stare at the Mona Lisa until I'm the last one there (if that's even possible); buy more than a few too many French berets to bring home and not care about the cost; speak that most delightful of languages until I sound like a local; and gaze into my lover's eyes at the top of the Tour Eiffel with a bright starry night enveloping us.

Yeh sure, departing was such sweet sorrow, but it's a natural part of life. Some good things come to an end. They simply must. But what lasts forever are the wonderful memories of the person or the experience that we've departed from.

There are other times when departing is not so sorrowful. Times when departing from a person, or a particular situation may actually be life-changing and enhancing in a way you never thought possible.

Some things aren't good for you. Some people aren't good for you. And when you make the decision to depart from them, it could very well be one of the best life decisions you've ever made.

Time is precious. Life is precious, and way too short. Don't waste it. "Be" who you were created to be! "Be" with the ones you love and who love you! "Be" courageous and choose to have the best life you possibly can!

I found the following quote earlier which seemed to confirm this for me...that in life, departures may be sorrowful for a while, but the sweetness is just around the corner!

"Tell yourself:
Everything will work out.
Things will get better.
You are important.
You are worthy of great things.
You are loveable.
The time is now.
This too, shall pass.
You can be who you really are.
The best is yet to come.
You are strong.
You can do this."
(Very wise author unknown)


John R said...

Nice !!!

Anna T said...

Jenny, So Beautiful to read, I  want to go to Paris, hehe! Jenny this is the beginning of your travels just keep looking forward to the next trip & make it happen. I did that all those years & there is no regrets except the beautiful memories of our holidays which you can never get back. There is something amazing seeing the world & getting old & remember all those fun times with your family. Don't be
scared to follow your dreams you deserve it & you have a wonderful husband to share all that like I have in mine so go girl.

Jane M said...

Hi Jen 

I was only thinking yesterday how I have missed your blogging - I love reading your little stories that always have a message for all of us to make note of.

Take care.

Jane xox

Vin T said...

You will go to Paris 

Collette O said...

Tell me that's not snow falling in your picture?!!!

So glad you had such a good time in Paris, I love the place. It has such a fantastic vibe to it!
Love the message below also oh wise one ;)

Hopefully we get to catch up with you lovely ladies soon xxx

Jennifer Reid said...

Thank you for all your encouraging comments gorgeous peoples!

Collette, when we first arrived in Paris it was so cold I thought it was snow too! But it was actually seed pods floating from trees. It looked so magical :)


Irene P said...

Hi Jen,
Great to see you writing your posts again. It's always wonderful to sit and read what you write. Miss you heaps.
Love Irene xxxx

Teena said...

Thanks for the timely reminder ... God tells me this stuff all the time it's just that I am not very good at listening ... i hope that you are enjoying the sunshine in Sydney ... and working on your next big challenge? be blessed