Thursday, March 15, 2012


‘Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.’ Aristotle.

Happiness means different things to different people. To me, the pinnacle of happiness is to be blessed. Family and friends may have noticed that I don't often use the word "luck". It's usually, "Oh, what a blessing", or "You are so blessed"! 
What could be better than to be blessed by God. The most amazing thing about it, is that He blesses us in the most unlikely of circumstances. Even in hard times or tragedy, we’re blessed.
You know, when my brother was making the video for my recent fundraiser dinner, he asked if I could send him some photos of when I was having chemo. It was the strangest thing, but every single photo I found, I had a huge smile across my face. Even in the one with my bald head for all the world to see, I have the cheesiest grin ever!

The same cheesy grin!!

My brother was a bit annoyed, "Don't you have any photos of yourself looking miserable? I'm trying to pull on people's heart strings for your fundraiser here!" 

But the truth is, I smile a lot. In fact, I actually feel truly happy at most times, and I believe I've felt this way even in really tough times because I recognize my blessings:

  • Parents who are a blessing
  • A husband who is a blessing
  • Two children who are a blessing
  • Extended family & close friends, a blessing
  • My job as a teacher, which is a blessing
  • AND LIFE ITSELF...the ultimate blessing!!

How can I keep from smiling with such blessings from God?

How could I not be happy when I still have my life?

“Open your eyes and see — how good God is. Blessed are you who run to Him.” Psalm 34:8, The Message Bible

This may explain why I'm so annoyingly passionate about some of the things I do in life...because I'm happy and blessed!

So while I have this life, I need to use it for as much good as I possibly can. 
I'm walking a marathon in Paris on 15th April - only 30 days away now! Together, my supporters and I have raised almost $14,000 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. I've obviously exceeded my original target of $10,000, but there's something I haven't told many people yet...the true goal in my heart is $20,000! 
It's no secret that research gives me hope for the future, and this is why I'm so passionate about supporting the NBCF. But you may remember a post called "Cancer Sucks!", when I shared briefly about a young mum Sam, who lost her battle with breast cancer a few months ago.
Sam was 1 of the 3 of us "Team Pink girls" set to participate in the Paris Marathon. Together, we would have raised a minimum of $30,000 towards breast cancer research. Now, there will only be a guaranteed $20,000 as sadly, there are only 2 of us going to Paris.
But with your help, we can achieve the extra $10,000 for Sam. In fact, we've already raised nearly $4,000 of it...only $6,000 to go.
If you haven’t already, and you find it in your hearts to support the NBCF and the "blessing" of research, please go to My Everyday Hero Fundraising Page to donate and be sure to comment "this one's for Sam!"
Know that your donation is not only for Sam but for every person who has lost their life to cancer. It is our bit in helping NBCF researchers reach their goal of NO MORE BREAST CANCER DEATHS BY 2030, and indeed all cancer researchers across the globe to get ever closer to a cure once and for all.
Please watch this video that was played at my fundraiser dinner, lovingly crafted by my talented brother:

And I haven't forgotten my promise to share what I've learnt about research from NBCF’s Dr Alison Butt, but I will do this in a separate post, as there's lots to share!
Thank you :)


Nadia said...


You are a true inspiration and i cannot wait to see you cross that finish line - and start the rest of your life!

x x x x

Jennifer Reid said...

Thank you Nadia...can't wait to hug you in Paris :) xx

Felicity said...

You are such a shining, sparkling beacon Jennifer and I'm so very proud of you and all that you've achieved and are continuing to achieve.

I'm sharing your video forward as the message contained is powerful and important.

Bounteous blessings my friend.


Jennifer Reid said...

Thank you beautiful Felicity xxx

jeanette from everton terrace said...

I just watched your wonderful video on Felicity's blog. I will be thinking of you over there in Paris next month. Wishing you even more blessings.
You are very very inspirational.

Jennifer Reid said...

Thank you Jeanette! xx

Hannah G said...

Jen this is amazing, I'm lost for words...xx

Jennifer Reid said...

Thanks Hannah xo

Vikki @ She Has Cute Shoes! said...

She who sparkles - remember? :)

And you sparkle all over that video. :)

Jennifer Reid said...

Of course I remember Vik :) xx

Jessica T said...

Loved this post x

Jennifer Reid said...

Thanks Jess xx

Anna T said...

So beautiful, good on you Jenny God is really in your heart & smile.

Felicity said...

Counting down the days until your next fabulous adventure my sparkling friend....can't wait!

PS: Thank you for joining in with POTM Club, I know how busy you must be. x

Jennifer Reid said...

You're welcome gorgeous!! I know, I better start thinking about what I'm going to pack :)) xx

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

Oh your smile is just gorgeous! I find it so inspiring that you manage to find those blessings in a difficult journey.

Jennifer Reid said...

Thanks so much Allison xo

Happy Homemaker UK said...

Popping over from POTMC :) Goodness, your smile and positive energy is infectious! I'm walking for (or against) cancer in London in May. Pleasure to 'meet' you - have fun in Paris!

Jennifer Reid said...

Wow, that's awesome...wishing you all the best for your London walk xx