Monday, November 16, 2015

Art as therapy, & random acts of kindness

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Hope this post finds you well!

Our world has seen such sadness this week. Both Lebanon and Paris are very dear to my heart and watching the news is so overwhelming and makes me feel such helplessness.  There’s always that feeling of wanting to do more for a cause that has touched our hearts.

Have you ever noticed what a simple act of kindness or show of love can do to those around us – a hug, a kind word or even a smile can help put a little sparkle back into our day.

In our communities, there are so many families dealing with an everyday tragedy called cancer.

My latest project is an adult colouring book called 'Courageous & Quirky - Colouring to Kick Cancer's Butt!' It features my illustrations, and snippets of how art has helped me during my healing and recovery from cancer. My hope is that others will be encouraged to use mindfulness and creativity when going through cancer or any other difficult life challenge.

How can we all help?

Doing something good in today's sadness might be just what the doctor ordered.

Over the years, you have helped me raise over $20,000 for cancer research. Let me thank you again for that ...I don't think you know just how much I treasure each and every person who has supported me in so many ways.

It may not solve the world’s problems, but this project is close to my heart for a number of reasons. 'Courageous & Quirky' is actually endorsed by the National Breast Cancer Foundation, so a portion of proceeds will go to fund vital cancer research ...our only hope for the future.

Today I will launch a Kickstarter campaign. I'm committed to getting this project off the ground and would like to get my books into hospital waiting rooms, cancer clinics and wellness centres ... to put a little sparkle into their day. I’m not a professional Art Therapist by any means, but I’d just simply like to share what art and creativity have done for me as a cancer survivor, particularly during my darkest days of cancer treatment.

Crowdfunding is an awesome tool for making the impossible possible. Please take some time to go over and check out my campaign, watch my video and take a look at the fun backer rewards available. Please share with whoever you know too ...maybe we can make this thing 'go viral' in a good way :) Maybe we can do our bit to brighten even one small corner of the world.

Please click over to my Kickstarter here.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Art is my Therapy

There was some point in time when I realised I needed to create. Immediately!
I wanted to write, draw, paint, crochet, sew, knit, even alter my own clothes.

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Joy to the World

Just a quick note to say thank you for all your support in has meant the world to me.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a happy & prosperous New Year.

Don't forget to hug your loved ones tight!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Courageous / Mrs T’s Kooky Pants

My Book Launch and Art Exhibition held on Saturday at The Children’s Bookshop Beecroft was a great success, with a portion of sale proceeds on the day going to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. I'm so grateful to Paul Macdonald of The Children's Bookshop and all who attended...I'm still smiling today!!

I enjoyed indulging in cupcakes (after all, we all know life's like a cupcake), champagne (juice for me) and other treats to celebrate with my family, friends and others in the community. And of course, I loved sharing about the journey that got me to the launch of Mrs T’s Kooky Pants...I even got to do a reading and signing for the very first time!

I have professional photographs on the way from my amazing sponsor Framing Beautiful, but here are some that have been sent to me from people's iPhones and've gotta love iPhones :)

I thought I'd be more nervous about the launch part of the event, but it was my art that had me quivering….seeing my work framed on a wall is so different to seeing it on a computer screen…but it ended up being better than on the screen and people seemed to really enjoy the exhibition.

In fact, my fantastic team made a number of art sales on the day :)

There was great excitement around the exhibition for an additional reason though, in that I revealed a special Limited Edition artwork at this event, which I created specifically to support Breast Cancer Awareness and Research.

Courageous - An artwork to support breast cancer awareness & research
Courageous - An artwork to support breast cancer
awareness & research
This piece called “Courageous” is the first of other Limited Edition artworks I will create as part of a Pink Ribbon Series…the plan being that each year around October Pink Ribbon Month, a new Limited Edition artwork will be revealed, with a portion of sale proceeds going to support research funded by the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

This will be a series of artworks to support Breast Cancer Research, as well as awareness of the fact that 800 young women in their 20s and 30s are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. I was 39 years of age when I was diagnosed in 2009, but not before being sent away and told by a doctor I was too young to get breast cancer. If I didn't go back 2 months later, I may not be here telling my story today.

My sponsor Codeice Prints is amazing! All artworks, shown on my website Fantangle Designs, can be purchased as archival quality Giclee art prints on museum art paper, framed or unframed, or on canvas, stretched or rolled. My art is also available on luxurious cushions. Please email to enquire about ordering an existing design or commissioning a new artwork.

But if you would like to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation, I hope you will consider purchasing Courageous, my Limited Edition framed artwork, with a portion of sale proceeds going to breast cancer research.

Of course, you can also purchase Mrs T's Kooky Pants here in support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, with $1 from every book sold going to breast cancer research. Please note, there are FREE  downloadable Teachers' Notes when you click through to eTV Publishing's site.

To get all the details on Mrs T's Kooky Pants, please listen to my Hope 103.2FM Radio interview with Katrina Roe...

2014-09-15 Hope 103.2 Radio Interview


Friday, September 12, 2014

The Scar Project

IMG_4038On Thursday night I was honoured to attend the opening night of The Scar Project, a photographic exhibition On Seven at David Jones, sponsored by The National Breast Cancer Foundation.

 This is a FREE event open from 12th – 21st September 2014, exhibiting a series of large scale portraits of young women surviving breast cancer, by New York Fashion Photographer, David Jay.

As a breast cancer survivor, I encourage you to see it, so maybe you’ll see what I saw… 

Warriors after a battle.

Eyes pleading for acknowledgement of the truth.





And not a smidgen of pink.

But why no pink?

Because there’s nothing pretty about breast cancer!

The deep beauty depicted in these portraits goes far beyond ‘pretty’.

To all those watching a warrior going through their battle, please don’t forget who they were before. 

Please don’t forget they have no choice in the matter.

Please don’t forget the whole damn thing is out of their control.

Remember their battle.

Remember their beauty.

Remember their courage.

Salute them for their honesty.

Thank them for inspiring you to live a better life.

And please do one other thing…

When you see a Pink Ribbon…

Don’t roll your eyes.

Don’t complain that you’re tired of giving.

Don’t come up with any conspiracy theories.

Instead, remember these beauties.

Remember research is the source of our hope.

Remember, in order to win the battle, we must never give up!


This October is Pink Ribbon month. You can support the National Breast Cancer Foundation in reaching their aspirational goal of ‘zero breast cancer deaths by 2030’ by purchasing Mrs T’s Kooky Pants, with $1 from every book sold going to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

You can also attend my Book Launch and Art Exhibition on 20th September 2pm at The Children’s Bookshop Beecroft. A portion of sale proceeds on the day will also go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Hope to see you there!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

'Mrs T's Kooky Pants' Book Launch


It's finally here...

Mrs T's Kooky Pants is now published, with my official launch being held at The Children's Bookshop in Beecroft on 20th September at 2pm (refer invitation for full details).

Proceeds from the sale of every copy of Mrs T's Kooky Pants will go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF), who have actually endorsed the book.

My Fantangle Designs artworks will also be on exhibition at the launch, with a portion of art sale proceeds going towards breast cancer research.

It all seemed a little surreal that I'm finally a published author, until being notified by my publisher, eTV Publishing, that online sales of my book have already reached '53 books sold' as at today! I feel so honoured that people are buying my book!

Here's what my publisher and the NBCF say:
“Mrs T’s Kooky Pants is an engaging and vibrant story suitable for younger readers, that tells a valuable lesson in an interesting and entertaining format. With themes including cancer, death, acceptance and learning how to move on, it is a story that will connect with children and allow them to understand some of the more unpleasant aspects of life in a supportive format.” eTV Publishing    
“For many years Jennifer has helped people from all walks of life understand more about breast cancer by sharing her own personal story as a National Breast Cancer Foundation speaker. Jennifer has now drawn on her own experience to help explain cancer to children through Mrs T’s Kooky Pants. Mrs T’s Kooky Pants is a beautiful tool to fulfil an unmet need - for teachers and parents with young children, how to communicate the reality of cancer in an age-appropriate way.” Carol Renouf – CEO, National Breast Cancer Foundation 
“Cancer comes with a myriad of challenges. But perhaps one of the greatest is communicating this to our loved ones, especially children. Research tells us that communicating to children about what is happening with family members can really help to reduce their anxiety. Jennifer has used her own experience with breast cancer to help young children better understand cancer.” Dr Alison Butt – Head of Research, National Breast Cancer Foundation
Here's what the lovely Jackie Hawkes, Children's Book Council of Australia NSW Inc. Committee Member, iRead Editor and Teacher Librarian, says:
"Wow Jennifer, what a beautiful book. Absolutely full of your own kindness and energy! I didn't realise it was part of a personal journey. We can't ignore cancer, but it seems we CAN move on from it. 
You have really captured the essential qualities of what teaching is about - helping kids become positive and caring so that they do cope with personal snags along the way and giving them a support base for when big issues become part of their lives. Ready to go because "every day is a new day and a chance to start again." The soft and subtle pictures contribute to the gentleness of the story. 
There has to be a lot of you in Mrs T. I just get the feeling that you are great plus with your kids. Writing can make you feel very vulnerable, but words and ideas just need to be out there to share with the broader world."
And here's what my mentor, author Amanda Hampson said:
"Jennifer Reid's personal experience of grief has been channeled into a sweet, gentle tale to help children discuss and understand the sadness of loss."
If you're in town, I'd love to see you at my book launch on 20th September. If you can't make it and you happen to be one of the 53 people who have already purchased my book, I would love to hear your thoughts on it. Feel free to write a review on Amazon or my Facebook page.

The National Breast Cancer Foundation's aspirational goal is for zero breast cancer deaths by 2030 ... gathering interest in my book is my way of continuing my ongoing support of this goal, so please help me spread the word.


(Free Download - Teachers' Notes for Mrs T's Kooky Pants)